Hello bloggen!
Nu har jag kommit hem ifrån Tyskland och är så himla ledsen, saknar det mer än någonsin.
Men för att mina tyska vänner ska kunna ta del av detta inlägg så fortsätter jag på min inte så bra engelska:

Hello my dear friends in gelnhausen!
I just wanted to say that I miss you all so so much, I want to take the first flight to you right now!
Anyway, thanks for the best week in my whole life! I've never been so happy before, I really felt alive when I where there. I will miss you all so much.. Can't wait to visit you!

So what excatly did I do in Germany?
Well I learned a lots of BAD german words, haha. It's all Johannes fault, he started it!
I was in Frankfurt 2 times, and was in a high tower. Then has it been moveienights, cocktail nights and just ''do-nothing-at-all nights''. Maybe it does not sound so fun to you all, BUT trust me! It was soooo much fun!
The week passed by so fast, almost to fast!

SO I will miss you all so much! Isy, Marie, Michelle and Johannes h
And of course everyone else that I met there, you will all be missed!

But Im gonna miss Isabelle 'Isy' the most, my best piggyfriend! h
It was, like I said, the best week in my whole life.

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